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Abbe is son of the famous Haflinger Aristocrat. He is now working on ridden dressage. At six months old Abbe began his Clicker Training. He is prompted to do good things through operant conditioning. His disposition and good behavior are always rewarded by positive communication. Targeting, backing, and head lowering form the foundation exercises every Clicker Trained horse should know. Targeting teaches the horse what the Clicker means. Backing creates respect of space, and head lowering contributes to a calm attitude.


Sparrow is one of our two Welsh Mountain ponies. She and her sister, Poppy, are about two years old!



Poppy is Sparrow's sister and she is our second Welsh Mountain pony. She is also about two years old!


Flo Jo

Information coming soon!



Willy is a haflinger who is borded at our facility in the winter months. Willy is currently at home with his owner for the summer! We will see you in a couple months buddy!

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 3.11.34 PM.png


Toby is a Chincoteague pony who is borded at our facility year round!

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EK is one of 500 Gotland ponies left in the world and is borded at our facility year round.


In Memoriam



No-Moe passed away in May of 2018 and will always be remembered and loved by the carriage barn community. No-Moe WLT (N Line out of No Nonsense NTF) was probably our most photographed Haflinger. No-Moe was Misty’s counterpart in the Therapy Program. Our Occupational Therapist used him with the littlest babies, 1 to 2 year olds. The constraints on such a great 1,100 pound 13-1 horse are tremendous. He had to be perfect all the time. Balls bounce, children scream from fear, volunteers learned how to lead off his nose, but this great horse was always on his best behavior. When he won “Horse of the Year” at the Kids Horse Show, the parents’ eyes welled up with tears. They entrusted their most precious possession to No-Moe. His most endearing mannerism was his soft rumbled whiney when each child would pat him at the end of a lesson.


Meet Our Horses

Click here to learn more about the Haflinger horse breed.

Norbert KC (KC)

Norbert KC (KC) is the cornerstone of our therapeutic driving program. His students include clients with paraplegia, spinal cord injuries, and Cerebral Palsy. KC is totally voice commanded to do cones, dressage and obstacles. He has competed in our shows and is just awesome. Thank you to Cindy Davis for giving KC to our program.

Alabaré (Legend)

Alabaré (Legend) is a Haflinger of Aristocrat and one of our best CDL geldings.

He was so bright and such a beautiful horse in every way, we decided to feature him in our clicker demonstrations. His intellect awes you. If whales can be trained to jump with Clicker Training techniques, what will Haflingers do? He does all those “roll the ball, jump and fetch”, while at liberty in the indoor arena. We only ask horses to walk, trot, canter, and be polite. What if you ask for more? This horse just wants you to teach him more and more.

Electra (Merlin)

Electra (Merlin) is a combined driving horse and does ridden dressage. She works with our more advanced students who wish to have a good foundation in ridden dressage. She also is a lovely driving horse and drives both single and pairs.

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