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How and Why Horses Heal Humans

April 28, 2018, Saturday, 9:00 am Old South Church, Social Hall 29 Federal Street, Newburyport, MA (part of the Newburyport Literary Festival)

The Carriage Barn is sponsoring presenter, Tim Hayes, author of "Riding Home, The Power of Horses to Heal." Horses have an extraordinary ability to transform the lives of men, women, and children-whether they are horse lovers or those suffering from deep psychological wounds. Riding Home -The Power of Horses to Heal is a book about the joy, wonder, self-awareness, and peace of mind that can come to anyone from a horse/human relationship. Author Tim Hayes has made "natural horsemanship," or what has been long been known as, "horse whispering," his life's work. Join us for Tim's book talk/signing and Q&A.

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